Thursday, 6 March 2014


 So as every parent knows and probably has known for the last week or so, today is world book day.

In true organised mummy style, for the past week I have visited almost every online fancy dress retailer, questioned other parents, asked on Facebook and read blogs all in the aim of creating/buying the perfect outfits for my 2 youngest children…..

And then it was Wednesday
Now I’m not sure who stole the rest of the week away but they did, suddenly I remember how its world book day TOMORROW!!!
So off I go to every shop and supermarket within 10 miles, searching for either, A: a couple of plain red t-shirts that I can swiftly turn them into Thing 1 and thing 2, or B: a readymade costume suitable for the day.

Having trudged around the shops for most the day and finding neither of these items, I was starting to lose patience so off I headed home,  I the decide after  picking the girls up from school we would dive into the dress up box and see what we could put together

So the girls come home, we have tea and then go on a search
The eldest of the girls tells me she wants to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and the younger child wants to be Alice in wonderland
So we search, we search and then we search a bit more. Nothing!
I beg with the youngest to go as a nurse, we have 2 nurse outfits,” NO!”, she doesn’t want to be a nurse,
What about Angelina ballerina, I have a lovely little tutu that she would look lovely in, “NO!”, well that’s that out of the window
We play this game for most of the night, going through every costume and item of clothing they both own,
It’s almost the girl’s bedtime and here I am sat amongst a mountain of clothing that now must all be folded and put away
I tell the girls to get ready for bed and as they are doing so they pull out their onesies from the draw, one tiger and one monkey,

Hmmm, In one last attempt I say “how about you go as the Tiger who came to tea and the other goes as the monkey from the jungle book?”
I couldn’t really believe it when they both replied yes, Result!
So this morning my girls got dressed into their pyjamas and off they went happily to school to celebrate world book day.

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