Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Flappy Bird Canvas Painted Shoes, DIY Tutorial

 So we have all heard of the flappy bird app and most people have managed to download the app before the sudden removal from the market.
Now those who have played it know how annoyingly addictive this game is, my kids play against each other battling it out to see who is going to achieve the highest score.

So the other day whilst out shopping I spotted some plain white canvas shoes for under £5 so thought I would see if I could create some flappy bird shoes, DIY style!

First I hand drew the pictures onto the shoes in pencil knowing any mistakes could be easily erased if needed,

I then got out my Uni Posca pens and painted the shoes. Now for those who don’t know, Posca’s can write on almost anything and are used widely for painting on surfboards.
They are an acrylic paint but in a pen form and come in a range of sizes and also in a metallic/glitter range,

As these are going to be worn by my daughter I opted to use a lot of the glitter paint to make them a little more girly.
After I completed all the painting I then left the shoes to dry overnight before spraying them with a coat of scotch guard.

I have to say my daughter adores her shoes and had quite a gathering when wearing them to school the following day, all her friends wanted to know where they too could get a pair.
These are so fun to make, you could even let the children do their own design and create their own style shoes.


  1. aw how creative and cute , remember i used to do this to mine as a child x

    1. That's what i used to do too, although back then it was just with my felt tips :) xx

  2. Ahhh I love them! I have never seen those paint pens before and I NEED them!!!! My kids would love a pair of shoes like that.

    1. They are fantastic pens and work great on shoes, i'm also going to attempt painting a guitar with them, fingers crossed. x