Friday, 7 March 2014

4 Children live here (poem)

Prints on the wallpaper, pen on the chair

4 children live here, come in if you dare

Watch where you’re walking, don’t step on those toys

4 children live here, so please mind the noise

Don’t slip in that puddle, don’t worry its juice

4 children live here and there on the loose

Please take a seat dear, not there that’s their den

4 children live here and their camping again

What did she say then? Oh no, you’re not fat

4 children live here and they say things like that

Don’t look at the sides or the pile of pots

4 children live here and they eat lots and lots

Excuse the clothes basket just there overflowing

4 children live here and their constantly growing

“What you are leaving?” you only just came

4 children live here, will we see you again?


  1. Lovely poem.
    It give a great picture of a really full house :-)

  2. aw i love this its definately my home at times too , love it x

  3. Really nice poem, flows well and fun :) and really captures the busy house (only have 3 myself)