Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Why I hate mornings

Today didn’t start out the way I had planned, two days back at school and I’m already counting down the next time the children are off, now I understand a lot of mums love when the little ones finally go back after a break but not me.
Let’s start with the EARLY mornings, now I’ve never been able to hear an alarm clock anyway so rely on the husband to give me a shake at 5-5:30 am as he is up for work, this tends to break my deep sleep and I usually try and lay there until 6am
So this morning my youngest ponders into the bedroom asking me what the time is, I reach over and stare at the time on the phone…..7am Arghhhhh!!!!
So up I jump, waking each child as I pass the bedroom, as the youngest is already up she does the morning shout out with me, proclaiming to everyone…”you’re gonna be late!!!”
So up jumps the 10 year old, then the 12 year old after a couple of shouts and then comes the teen, after 3 or 4 attempts and him still not up the rest of us gather in the kitchen for breakfast
All three girls want something different, so there they are in our overly small kitchen with boxes of cereal all over the breakfast bar and the tiniest space left to actually place their dishes down to eat,
Then comes the milk issue, child 2 gets the milk first so obviously this makes her a RAT according to child 3, they then proceed to fight over milk carton, child 1 get knocked of the stool and starts screaming…………………..fab,  I <3 Mornings!
As I am trying to sort the mess, the arguing and 1 screaming child, I realise the teen has still not got up, so off I go again “it’s 7:30 and you’re going to be late!!” his reply is “I can’t get up without a coffee”
Eventually he decides that in fact he will be late if he doesn’t get up so gets up to come and join in the fun arguments happening in the kitchen, whilst I’m playing referee I realise that I still have not made all 4 children’s pack lunches
So now we have 4 kids and 2 dogs in my “did I mention” VERY small kitchen taking up all the space whilst I manoeuvre around them to sort pack ups,

Pack lunch: oh how I love making pack lunch, all the different varieties of sandwiches because no one like the same thing, so in front of me I have: sliced ham, sliced chicken, cheese, mayonnaise and cheese spread, Only 6 slices of the bread may be buttered as child 3 can’t possibly have butter with cheese spread,
child 1 has to have her sandwiches in a certain order, this consist of ham, cheese then mayo, not mayo, cheese then ham..Nooooo this would be illegal, I then have to cut it into 4 triangles,
 child 2 and 4 are not as picky so one has chicken cut in half and one has ham cut into 2 triangles,
Then I realise that I forgot to buy more sandwich bags, I also have no tin foil, and no Clingfilm, I do however manage to create a sandwich bag for each of them out of some baking paper, yep you heard correct (baking paper)
We finally sort the rest of pack lunches into bags, wash, brush teeth, braid hair and find snack money in husbands pockets J , take dogs out and finally set off to school

And this is why I don’t like mornings and why I’m already looking forward to the next time they are off school… Roll on Easter

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