Monday, 24 February 2014

My IKEA dreams are over - EXPEDIT

So for the past few months or so I have been happily dreaming of IKEA furniture, not just any IKEA furniture though.....EXPEDIT furniture,

Now when I decide I'd like something I plan and plan and plan some more,

After months of planning I had decided I'd like to get 2 5x5 units, a 4x2 an expedit desk and a 4x1 and enough baskets to fill them all.

I imagined my new expedit looking sleek in my soon to be uncluttered home,

The hallway(aka the dumping ground) no longer decorated by childrens shoes, bookbags, hats and gloves but a white expedit unit and a clear walkway.....ahhhh bliss

The childrens bedrooms, just enough expedit to hide away all their toys in the multicoloured baskets

Then it all came to an end, IKEA are to discontinue the expedit range, at first i thought it was a joke but no, it is said that expedit shall expire this April.


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