Friday, 28 February 2014

My DIY Photo wall

So I have lived in my current home for almost 9 years, with 4 children it should be covered in photos by now
Instead I have a photo box, this is filled with all the photos, even the children’s school pictures,
My house lacks character, anyone could live here, there’s nothing on the walls and it’s all a little boring….well it was

I’ve always loved the idea of having a quote put on the wall and have seen a lot of these about, they come as a sticker and you just transfer it to the wall you want,
Now what put me off was:
1: the children would probably pick at it
2: I can’t even get one of those phone screen protectors on without hundreds of bubbles
3: I didn’t want it to look like a sticker.

So what I did was decide to paint it on, first I used pencil so I could get it how I wanted it, then I went over it with an acrylic paint
When completed it did look lovely but still a little plain, next I went on the search for some black frames, I found what I was looking for in Max Spielmans ,I picked up 9 frames of different sizes with prices ranging from £2 - £5.

When I got home I went through my photos and picked out some of the more precious ones, like our wedding, first family holiday and some others,
I then scanned these and changed all the photos to black and white before printing them out into the sizes I required
I then fixed these on the wall in a scattered affect,
I must admit I absolutely adore my photo wall  and it has been a great talking point when people have come around, the whole thing cost me under £30 and now there’s a little bit of us in this house.


  1. It really looks great, I love it! Great job, congrats.

  2. OMG love it, I have a huge family tree message which has picture frames just like this with it x

    1. Bet that looks lovely, I have seen one that is a painting of a tree and the photos kind of hang from the branches, i think this would look lovely going up a staircase, maybe this might have to be my next project :)

  3. I love this. It is very much like what I am hoping to achieve on my living room wall.

  4. wow this is stunning and definately something i would love to have in my home too x