Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Zaggora Hotpants

Ok so Christmas is still hanging around and over the space of a week I have managed to gain 4lbs, You would think I had ate the entire turkey to myself and New Years Celebration has yet to come, I had to choices, Hit the gym or hit the Vodka, Well Vodka was winning but what should turn up in the mail today??? Well Today I recieved My HotPants from Zaggora, Delivery was quick, A week and half, great especialy as it was the Christmas period, On first inspection they feel like foam, a bit like a wetsuit.
I decided that I was going to wear them straight away but worried i would not fit my 10/12 butt into the size small I had ordered....Panic over, they fit great and are high waisted so do a great job at holding your tummy in, I wasnt sure if I could get away with wearing my skinny jeans over the top but once on you could not notice I was wearing the slimming pants underneath.
I did not do anything special today, no long walks or anything, although I did spend an hour or so playing michael jackson experience on the Kinnect with my son, I have done the housework and all other motherly duties and have wore the pants for 7 hours so far today, I intend to wear them for another 2 hours before hitting the shower, I was going to sleep in them but they do make you feel warm so I think I shall pass on that tonight.
I should also mention that I did measure myself before putting these on and have also weight myself, I am hoping these will work and only time will tell..
Fingers Crossed, Next update in a week


  1. I'm anxious for an update. Just curious, why did you order a size small when they chart places you larger? Are they still comfortable? I'm going to order some tomorrow with a groupom I purchased. Thanks!

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  3. Im looking forward to doing my update too, I have fantastic news already but will wait for the week to be up before posting, My normal clothing size is a UK 10/12 but as I am between sizes I opted for the small, I'm so glad I did, they are very stretchy and are extreamly comfotable, I have taken to wearing them under clothes and sometimes forget I have them on, Hope this helps x

  4. Thanks it does help, I just ordered mine. I was debating between sizes but after reading reviews I went for the smaller of the 2. I'm anxious for them to arrive :)